Why Comfort Food Provides Comfort

Have you ever grabbed a favorite snack when you felt stressed or lonely? Do you tend to indulge when you are in need of comfort? Our emotions often determine what’s good for dinner in Ponca City, OK. Why is this true?

There are definitely some psychological concepts at work here. Researchers have studied this trend repeatedly, to discover how and why certain foods bring us comfort. Of course, it’s no secret to restaurant owners, either. Homestyle meals in Ponca City, OK bring in customers who seek a delicious, comforting experience. Here’s the scoop.

What it is

“Comfort food” is defined as any food that we use to make us feel better. In the U.S., common comfort foods include ice cream, mashed potatoes and other indulgent snacks or meals. Comfort foods aren’t necessarily the same for everyone, but the term usually brings similar foods to mind for people across the nation.

Why it works

Why does comfort food provide comfort? Are we simply happy because we’ve consumed a lot of calories and are in the stupor of a food coma? Researchers say no—there is more to it than this. The foods actually comfort us emotionally. Homestyle meals in Ponca City, OK bring us “home.” They remind us of times when we were comforted as a child, or we associate them with other happy memories.

For example, a gooey grilled cheese sandwich might be a comfort food because this was what you ate when you came home from school each day as an eight-year-old. You now associate those tastes and smells with security, family, safety and delight.

When we want it

Since comfort foods give us a sense of security and belonging, we often turn to these edibles when we are feeling insecure or lonely. The emotions we are experiencing drive us to try to fulfill our emotional needs with food. We want to find a way to belong, feel less stressed or simply boost our mood at the end of a long, tiring day. So, we decide comfort food is what’s good for dinner in Ponca City, OK.

And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As long as we aren’t overindulging, comfort food can be a nourishing, emotional boost. Homestyle meals in Ponca City, OK can bring back pleasant memories and help us create new ones as we share the meal with others. In fact, sharing your comfort foods with the next generation can instill positive memories in them that they can take into their adulthood, too.

Find comfort here

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