Make Mealtime Family Time

In our fast-paced society filled with activities, screens and other distractions, it’s easy for families to become disconnected. What can bring them back together? Food. Mealtime is a great time to gather all family members together for healthy interaction and bonding. Whether you are eating at home or prefer to find family meal deals in Ponca City, OK, eating together as a family is a great choice.

Family meals not only provide a fun time together, but they can also be good for children’s futures. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics reports that children with families who eat together regularly are less likely to use drugs or alcohol and are more likely to have a healthy diet and weight. So how can you institute this healthy habit in your household? Here are a few tips.

Create new habits

It’s easy for everyone to do their own thing between rushing to work and extra-curricular activities, so you have to be intentional about developing the habit of eating together. Keep in mind that you don’t have to create a family meal every night. Aim for once a week to start, then work your way up to two or three times each week. Emphasize the importance of family mealtime so everyone understands that it’s a priority.

Model good choices

Use family meals to instill positive habits in children. Demonstrate good table manners. Serve well-balanced meals to ensure your family eats nutritious foods. Family meals are also a good time to try new foods, so they are less intimidating for young children.

Have intentional conversations

During your family meal, guide the conversation with intentional questions. Take the dialogue to a deeper level. Ask everyone about high and low points of the day. Talk about other things you can do together as a family that would be meaningful for all members. These conversations will strengthen your bonds, make meals even more meaningful and help you move in positive directions as a family.

Make mealtime screen-free

If you’re going to have meaningful conversation during a meal, everyone is going to have to put away the electronics. It can be helpful to establish a “no phones at the table” rule. With these distractions put away, you can focus on each other and truly engage as a family.

Plan ahead

It might not be possible to spend the day in the kitchen crafting a home-cooked meal. That’s okay. Family meals to go in Ponca City, OK are a great way to make togetherness happen. You can take advantage of these family meal deals in Ponca City, OK and eat at home or in a restaurant. Either way, the goal is to spend some quality time together over quality food. So, plan ahead to make these times happen.

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