How to Order Gluten Free at an American Style Restaurant

Ordering Gluten Free

A common source of anxiety for people who do not eat gluten is having a meal at a restaurant. Instead of avoiding an evening out with your family or friends, there are a few tips you can use to enjoy eating out at an American style restaurant while still sticking to your gluten-free routine.

Do your homework

Research the menu at the restaurant beforehand to see if they offer dishes that are gluten-free. It may be prudent to contact the restaurant directly to ask if the kitchen staff is willing to make adjustments to meet your specific dietary needs. This is also an opportunity to ask if they have gluten-free alternatives to menu listings or even a menu that is specifically gluten-free.

Time your meal

Just like roadways, restaurants also experience rush hours. Going out to eat when a restaurant is busiest makes it challenging for servers and cooks to accommodate your dietary requirements. Plan your meal earlier or later to avoid showing up when it’s the most hectic part of the day. It also helps to make a reservation or call ahead, because you can also let the host know of your needs and make note of it. This allows the restaurant staff time to prepare as needed and make any adjustments.

Be your own advocate

As nice as it would be, servers and cooks can’t read your mind. It is up to you to clearly and quickly express your dietary needs so the restaurant can serve you a delicious gluten-free meal. Be kind and patient, but also assertive, so your requirements are clearly conveyed. You may also consider wearing a medical alert bracelet that notes your gluten sensitivity.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Dishes on a menu that might seem gluten-free could have misleading descriptions. Even if something is listed as gluten-free on a menu, don’t feel bad about asking your server questions to make sure that what you want to order is going to meet your health restrictions. Don’t just ask about ingredients—remember to ask about preparation, too.

Make a special request

Cross-contamination with gluten-rich foods can occur. That’s why it’s not unreasonable to request that your food is prepared on a clean surface with clean utensils to minimize any potential for gluten contamination. If necessary, you can ask to speak with a manager or someone from the kitchen to communicate the importance of your request.

Double check your order

When your food arrives, remind your server about your special requests to confirm they got your order correct. This gives them an opportunity to correct any errors before it’s too late. It’s also a chance for you to catch any mistakes you might have made when ordering.

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